Chantilosophy Vol 3

Social media is where people can go and connect with everyone they have ever met.


Through our studies of imedia, my students have been collaborating online to order and share their thoughts about social media. We have been studying the impact of social media on our society as well as the various forms of social media.

Below are some excerpts from our wiki for ‘What is Social Media?’

Social media is where people can go and connect with everyone they have ever met.

Social Media is where you share information and other stuff with people via internet on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Digg. FROM ALEX.A

Social Media is an online place like a chat room where you can connect with friends and share photos, videos and pretty much anything! Some social media networking sites are Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Digg, Blogger, WordPress, Lolcats, etc… Joh-joh

Social Media is where you can upload photos and other things so that you can share it with your fiends. You can also chat with friends and have heaps of fun. Some social media sites are Myspace, Twitter and Facebook but there are many more   Annabel smile

Social Media is where you can talk to friends and write blogs and upload photos! Tash

Social Media is  where you can share photos, information and chat with friends. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace Digg, WordPress are all social media sites. There are lots of social media sites on the internet, and they all work differently. Nicholas K.

Social Media are websites that you can log onto and speak to people that are online at that time. If people are not online you can post things on their wall or send them messages. You can add people as friends and they are the people you can talk to. Basically social media is where people can connect with others and chat.  Riley M big grin

Social Media is where you can chat to your friends or you can share photos. There are heaps of social media websites some are facebook, myspace, blogger, wordpress, digg and twitter. Social Media is a good way to chat and share stuff with friends. Gracie Hthoughtful

Social media is a place where people can talk to each other over the internet. it can also be used to bully over the internet, and whenever you use social media you should always check your privacy settings before useage of this social media. Richardbig grin

Social Media is a form of communication and a form of connecting with other people. Media is a non-interactive form of entertainment where as social media makes people connect with other people. Social media uses the internet and gives a whole new world everyone who accesses it. From Matt.λ

Interesting perceptions, don’t you think?

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