Post ELH Conference Hang-Over

We discussed the joys and the learnings developed from ‘tinkering’


It’s been 3 days since ELH and I’m still attempting to deconstruct the mess of ideas in my brain into something palatable.

Top 3 ideas:

  • Onenote
  • PbyP
  • Skills assessment vs content assessment

Throughout the couple of sessions I attended on Onenote, I gained a new appreciation for this application. I discovered new ideas for curriculum organisation and student interaction. I wondered why my team and I have never organised our programs using Onenote. It just makes sense.

PbyP has been developed by Dan Buckley through Cambridge Education. It’s basically a taxonomy of skills development to verse our current content scales. PbyP has proven research to back it up. It’s international and utilises particpants to assess each other.

One of my favourite sessions was a critical conversation about the teaching of skills. We discussed ideas for students to explore their passions through ‘Passion Projects’. We discussed the joys and the learnings developed from ‘tinkering’. We negotiated the benefits of facilitating students through skills development rather than content driving.

The journey continues…

Love teaching.

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