Student Expositions on Internet Censorship

The new firewall will prevent people from searching for content and information such as ‘how to make a bomb’ or ‘map of Sydney sewerage’


Below are some student expositions regarding Internet Censorship. Please read and give the students some positive feedback!

1 – Jemima’s Exposition

Internet censorship is an idea from the Labor government. It aims to limit Australians access to WebPages, emails and Wikipedia’s. Certain keywords will not be displayed on search engines.

Internet censorship may possibly cause unwanted arguments that may well turn into violence. Australia is a fortunate and lucky country as it is. Internet censorship may only stop a low portion of negative WebPages, Wikipedia’s etc. It may very well prevent those average users of the internet but what about those who are computer geniuses? Illegal downloading is just one of many crimes in Australia, in fact probably one of the least serious affecting Australia. Shouldn’t Australia be focusing on reducing the residential crime rate such as graffiti, and robbery.

Internet censorship really wouldn’t give Australians much privacy when it comes to social networking, emails and instant messaging. Even if the government denies interfering with our social lives doesn’t mean they won’t report and delay the emails dismissing the government. Australians should have the rights to express themselves through social networking, emails and Wikipedia’s. The same verdict goes for websites with different views and opinions on particular topics.

Australia is a small, fair and well disciplined country. Countries such as China and America have applicable reasons for internet censorship that is that they’re both larger countries with higher crime rates due to their populations. Most crimes are committed by those who haven’t been properly educated about the law and it’s standards as well as being treated for medical issues. These crimes are not usually associated with internet sites or computers.

Internet censorship is just one of a few useless ideas from the Labor government. What Australians do need is stricter penalties, laws, punishments and harder to reach government papers.

2. Kim’s Exposition

Internet censorship should be banned!.There is no use in doing across the whole web because it is almost certain that they will not block all the bad websites.access.

Firstly setting up this massive plan does not come cheaply, so us taxpayers are going to have to fund tens of million dollars to start this plan. That means that we will be charged a lot more tax on everything. Every one is in enough financial struggles right now, without adding this onto their bills.

Secondly because it is almost certain that they will not block all the sites that have inappropriate information on them, it will not cause the makers of those websites to stop. It will just spur them on to do more, seeing how many will not get blocked.

Furthermore having websites that are inappropriate blocked it will just make children want to find out why they are blocked so they search it. This is very bad because young children will get a hold of information that is not meant for them.

Therefore it can be seen that internet censorship should be banned. If parents don’t want their children accessing different things, they should just download their own security system where they can choose what they want to be blocked and what things are OK for them too.

3. Johanna’s Exposition

Australia should implement the new firewall. It will protect our internet borders from terrorists, hackers and viruses. It will improve our internet and internet safety.

Firstly, the Australian firewall should not be as strict as China’s firewall. Australia’s government should not block things to do with Australia’s history that might reflect badly on the government because then that would effectively be them manipulating their voters and citizens. Australia does need a firewall because people at the moment can access outrageous and dangerous sites.

Secondly, Australia’s firewall will prevent and lower the percentage of terrorist attacks. The new firewall will prevent people from searching for content and information such as ‘how to make a bomb’ or ‘map of Sydney sewerage’. Both of these things can be used in a terrorist attack and could affect our borders, put lives in danger and breach our security. The firewall will take down bad websites, death tolls and terrorist attacks.

Lastly, Australia’s firewall will block dodgy websites. Dodgy websites are full of fatal viruses that affect computers. Also blocking dodgy websites will stop hackers. Hackers get most of their information off dodgy internet sites and blocking these will definitely stop hackers because they will have no information to go off.

In conclusion Australia needs to implement this new firewall. It will make Australia’s internet a safer place overall and people will not have to worry about viruses and hackers.

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