A New Attitude to National Testing – Part 2

In my last post, I pontificated about the need for teachers (me) to adjust their attitude towards National Testing. Here are a few ideas about how to make these tests more interesting and more fun.


  • Timed National-Testing style questions (like the one below): One per day, complete in under a minute, linked to individual targets for accuracy and speed.

NAPLAN question 1

  • Intersperse these with a joke-style question: Once a week, still contributes to individual target.
How many sheep were in Farmer Bob’s top field on Tuesday?
  • Have timed competitions for colouring in the identifier dots.


  • Complete a timed National Testing style assessment with a not-so-serious topic. For example, rather than writing an exposition about why students should wear hats in the playground, an exposition could be written about  the following:
  1. Why my teacher should never wear drop-crotch pants.
  2. Ninja Turtles smash Transformers every time and here’s why.
  3. Children should not give themselves haircuts.
  • Students could even choose their own topics. Revolutionary.


Why not create an IBL in which students can design and develop their own National Test that assesses the skills required for their age/stage group but is based on something they’re interested in? This could be a fun homework project, an extension project or an ongoing project for Integrated Studies.

Hopefully, that’s started your brain thinking about how to make National Testing taste more like chocolate cake than cough medicine.



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