Hour of Code – Why I Did It and Why You (and your students) Need To

I’m assuming that if you missed Hour of Code, you are living in the middle of nowhere with no internet access… possibly, you are living on the moon. Hour of Code was an initiative by code.org to help students understand code.
Our students don’t know what the Internet is. Fact.
I still remember when I learned that the Internet was made up of ones and nones. This was a HUGE revelation to me – Prior to this, I had not even thought about how the Internet worked or what it was. How many of our students don’t even know how the Internet works? To a certain extent, none of our students really get this. Heck – I still don’t really even get it.
Remember when computing in schools was newish… in the early 90s and we all learned Logo? Logo is/was the building blocks of coding. Little did we know it but we were learning to code.
The Code.org website was a range of activities to help your students from a very basic level of coding to an advanced level of coding.
Perhaps, you might even consider making coding practice part of your students’ weekly routine.

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