How to use Flipped Learning, Blendspace, Moodle and Edmodo seamlessly

At Northern Beaches Christian School, we use the Flipped Learning model for homework [note: we are currently reevaluating the use of the term “homework”]. Currently, we call Flipped Learning “pre-learning” which is not correct but helps our parent community to get an idea of how homework has changed.

In Stage 2 (3rd and 4th grade), we set specific days in which students should engage with the Flipped Learning material. For example, we set the Grammar activities on a Wednesday prior our Grammar lesson on Thursdays. We have been finding that as our students engage with the Flipped Learning content closer to our lesson, the more they are able to engage in deeper discussion.

We use Blendspace via Moodle to deliver our Flipped Learning resources. The students login to our portal, click on the term, then learning area and then the week. This link takes them to the Blendspace for that week. Here’s the Blendspace I put together for reading this week –


Once students engage with this material, they are encouraged to write a question on our class’ Edmodo wall. To avoid the “I get it all and I don’t have a question” scenario, we encourage students to ask a variety of questions:

  • A genuine question from where you “got stuck”
  • A question someone else might have
  • A question to check the comprehension of others

Here are some screen-shots of Third grade responses. They speak for themselves.




The next day (today), I display these questions on the screen and we discuss them prior to reading groups. I also model some of these ideas when I’m reading aloud.

Not seamlessly. Symbiotically.


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