4 Ways To Make Change Easy

1. Recognise That When You Aren’t Changing, You’re Not Growing – And when you’re not growing, you’re dying. Benjamin Franklin said it well – “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” If you truly want to place yourself in the best position, that position needs to be in state of constant change.

TRY NOW TIP: Try driving a different way to work or eating a food you haven’t tried before.

2. If The Wheel Hadn’t Been Reinvented…  – … we’d still have wheels made of stone, I guess. However, the best inventions start with small changes and innovations; the kind of changes that can be fast proto-typed in a quick, efficient and cut-throat way. We all need to be looking for small changes we can make everyday.

TRY NOW TIP: Have you thought about a more efficient way to use your toothpaste? What about re-organising your wardrobe? OR, Heaven-forbit, what about throwing out some clothes you haven’t worn for a while?

3. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable – I remember a horse farrier giving me an anecdote to explain a horse getting used to a bit. He asked me what my response would be if he pushed me down onto a tack. I replied that I would get up immediately. He asked how I would respond if he did it again. I gave the same response. He followed this up by saying “What if I pushed you back on that tack over and over again?” I gave the same response. Then, he called me an idiot.The smartest and least painful response would be to stay on the tack… getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

TRY NOW TIP: Don’t sit on a tack – that’s stupid. Try putting yourself in slightly uncomfortable situations such as, spending some time with someone you don’t know well or even going to a BBQ as a newbie.

 4. Stop Talking About Change Management – The term ‘Change Management’ creates an underlying assumption that, at Point X, we will stop changing. Humans love to reach milestones, don’t they? We imagine that once we implement changes a, b and c; we will have reached utopia and we will never need to change again. We love that quintessential image of ourselves standing on top of a mountain, flag in hand with an ‘I made it!’ look across our faces. We imagine a time of rest once we have conquered a supposedly insurmountable challenge. Let’s face it –  change isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Change will be ongoing and the only way to manage it is to actually change.

TRY NOW TIP: Imagine hitting a milestone and then ask yourself, ‘What’s next?’

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy


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