28 Days of Blogging Challenge


As I sit here, having done all the housework… I find myself lamenting over having signed up for this challenge. Why did I do it? Do I really have the time?

I think to myself “I better do something because, apparently, my edublog is one of the top blogs to follow… (according to someone on Twitter – ha!)” and, yet, I barely ever sit down and blog.


For me, blogging has taken on many forms and I’ve published through many different platforms. Mostly, I blog about my own learning in the face of educational shift. I find myself blogging because I need a way to sort my musings… It helps me realise and consolidate what it is I believe about teaching and learning. It’s also a wonderful record of my own journey as an educator. As I read through previous blogs, I find myself sorting through the parts that I still believe and the ideas I no longer subscribe to.


It’s hard to believe that I first integrated blogging into my teaching and learning in 2003. My friend used blogging to keep in touch with us whilst he was overseas and I figured it was a great way for my class parents to keep abreast of what their children were learning. It was simple – students would blog about what they were reading. It wasn’t all that much of a hit though as no one knew what blogging was.


I began my own blog when I started teaching at NBCS and Steve Collis  introduced me to Twitter. I didn’t really “get it” but I was willing to have a crack anyway. My first post was about my own learning. I had begun volunteering at a homeless drop-in centre in Kings Cross and I needed catharsis for the shock of encountering the likes of people who were, generally, quite unstable.

Since that time, I’ve developed a blog that is apparently quite controversial. I’ve mused about national testing, reporting, blue-eye/brown-eye simulations, gamification, digital citizenship and smiling.


Seven years on and I’ve had many different blogs. I had a restaurant review blog for about a year and even a dating blog. My students have blogged about their learning and I’ve blogged about their learning, too. I’ve used WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr and the blogging page on my own website. And, somehow, I’m still doing it.

What I love about blogging is that, once I start, I really enjoy it. Bring on the #28daychallenge – I know I’ll be better for it.


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