The Case of the Missing Glue Sticks – Part 2


Funnily enough, one of the very first things my students did when they entered the classroom on Tuesday was to check for another clue. Their efforts were rewarded with this:

Note #2
Note #2

This note was accompanied by several QR Codes that directed students to the following article (created by Yours Truly) about glue sticks going missing from several schools and why the glues were going missing.

Feel free to click on the image to check out the actual article.

Emaze newspaper article

As they scanned in the QR code, my students were astounded, shocked and concerned that our class was not the only class affected by glue sticks going missing. This was accompanied by calls of “Those glue sticks look exactly like ours but in different sizes.” My students were also becoming more astute – looking at things like detectives, if you will. They noticed when they were directed to an article that it had my name attached… an oversight that I cheekily claimed was someone trying to frame me.

My students went to write again. This time, they used higher modality words to express their concern that the effects were more far-reaching than they initially realised. Again, they were amazingly engaged and wrote in greater detail than I had witnessed before. They also wrote about who they thought had our glue sticks.

I was thrilled for my students and they were excited to be involved in solving the mystery. They couldn’t wait for Day #3.


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