The Case of the Missing Glue Sticks – Part 4

Thursday was to be the final day students would receive a clue about their missing glue sticks. I wanted the level of engagement and commitment to the solution to hit a climax at this point so I did this:

Mysteriously small footprints leading to the final clue
Mysteriously small footprints leading to the final clue

The final clue was purposely vague as I wanted students to challenge who they thought had taken the glue sticks. I also wanted the students to focus on describing the footprints in their recount. We brainstormed as a class what information about the footprints would be important for the investigation.

Clue #4
Clue #4

I was excited by the way students described the size, colour and pattern of the footprints as well as who they supposed owned the footprints.

Following this, students had a second attempt at giving peer feedback using the same Visible Thinking routines as the previous day. However, this time they needed to focus on their peer’s detail in their writing. Students definitely found this challenging but there were some great examples. One student wrote:

“I like how you wrote about the size of the footprints. Even better if you had written about the pattern of the footprints.”

I chuckled when, at recess, one student pointed at me and exclaimed “I’ve got it! Our principal is NOT on holidays; he’s smuggling glue sticks around the world!”



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