Ten Skills That Require No Talent – Part 1 – Being On Time


Earlier this year, I posted an image entitled ‘Ten Skills That Require No talent’. It went gang-busters so I thought I’d flesh out some of the ideas.

Being on time

Being on time is harder now more than ever. Yet it should be easier – we have so many tools at our fingertips to help us be organised. Trying to predict the traffic, getting the kids dressed, getting your spouse to move faster than a tortoise… it all adds up to you being late. So how do we ensure we get where we need to be on time.

  1. Value Others – Remember that the time of other people/person you will be meeting is just as important as your time. He/She/They have also battled against the odds to try and ensure that you aren’t waiting around for them. Time is precious and valuing the time of others let’s them know that they are precious, too.
  2. Get organised ahead of time – If you aren’t sure where you are going or how long it will take to get there, search it up on Google Maps the day before and then add on 15 minutes for parking. Factor in how long it takes the kids to get ready and set them a timer giving a reward for those who can beat the timer. If you all get to your destination on time or early, you can use the time to have a play.
  3. Be prepared the day before for a morning meeting – I like to place my clothes in the bathroom the night before so I don’t waste time choosing my outfit when I’m trying to get ready to go. It’s helpful to have any meals you need with you prepared the night before, too.

Hopefully, these 3 tips will help strengthen your ‘being on time’ muscles.



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