Chantelle Morrison is a primary teacher at Immanuel Primary School. Since specialising in teaching for students with literacy and numeracy difficulties at university, Chantelle has taught primary-aged students in both public and independent education systems. Throughout her 10 years experience, Chantelle has worked closely with The Learning Federation, ALEA, ELH, MYSA, ISTE and SCIL to develop learning initiatives that utilise IT to enrich understandings and outcomes for students whilst increasing their drive for knowledge.

Using a range of ICTs, Chantelle challenges herself, her students and her colleagues daily to ‘think outside the square’. Chantelle has used blogs and Twitter to share her teaching and learning experiences with colleagues across the world; in particular, writing for unmotivated students. She presented at ISTE 2013 on ‘Flipped Learning’ and co-presented at MYSA 2011, ALEA 2011, ELH 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014, ‘Learning and Teaching with Technology: Gender Matters’ conference,  ACEC 2012, MYSA 2013, IWBnet 2013 and ELS in Hong Kong in 2014, SAEdTech 2015 (as well as several different Teach-Meets).

Chantelle is due to present at The GAFE Summit in September 2015.


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